We are now a Stihl dealer!

We are now a Stihl dealer!

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We are very proud to be a retailer of the STIHL product line. We carry a full line of STIHL parts and accessories.

Come by and see us for STIHL product demonstrations.

Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will be glad to assist you in any way we can.

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Although the ideal remains unchanged, the tools of the STIHL craftsman have transformed dramatically. Controlled machines craft intricate components with speed and dexterity the artisan never imagined. And lasers examine production quality with far greater precision. Craftsmanship was a state of mind among STIHL employees in the past. It remains true today. Your Best Assurance of Quality STIHL Incorporated has qualified for ISO 9001 and 14001 Registration. This means that STIHL Incorporated meets the rigid manufacturing and quality standards set by the International Standards Organization. Periodic audits by independent auditors ensure that the guidelines are being met. Meeting these standards enables STIHL Incorporated to ship the highest-quality products, manufactured in its Virginia Beach plant, to customers throughout the world. Enthusiasm For The Future STIHL is committed to designing and building high quality and innovative products. We are committed to our employees and to the future of the power equipment industry.
Bartley King
Bartley King6 hours ago

I live in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia and I have seen that Stihl is bringing a location to the nearby Virginia Beach area of Virginia. I am very interested in applying for and pursuing a job with Stihl. Unfortunately, I have a mild disability that kept me from getting my Business Administration degree and I'm having trouble finding a position that will not be too physically demanding of me that does not require a college degree. Would you please help me to find one? I was only 5 classes shy of my degree, so I absolutely possess the knowledge, I just do not possess the piece of paper (diploma) that proves it. Please help
STIHL11 hours ago
Knowing the right way to plant annuals, perennials, and ornamental grasses can help with soil health and plant growth. Here are some tips.
Cheri Siatras
Cheri Siatras14 hours ago
Dear Stihl, I ❤️ you so hard right now

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David Devito
David Devito1 day ago
Nothings better then a scag.
Ben Smith
Ben Smith2 days ago
my name is ben smith with ben smith lawn care my scag v ride was stallion from me in fort Wayne i need to find it can not mow any of my acont with out it i do not have money to replay it and i hoping to find it but if any one see with a ben smith lawn care logo on it call me at 260-403-4922 plece help me i am still in school and i need in thants
Eric O'Brien
Eric O'Brien2 days ago
2012 Freedom Z with 90 homeowner hours, steering damper shot. I thought Scag uses high quality steering dampers not low quality like your “competitors”?? Parts are $90+ a side! Not happy.


Grasshopper Mowers

For 40 years, Grasshopper has studied the needs of landscape professionals and equipment owners across the nation and around the world, and Grasshopper engineers continuously research and test new product features and improvements at our 300,000-square-foot facility in Moundridge, Kansas.
Grasshopper Mowers
Grasshopper Mowers10 hours ago
You been told it’s not nice to stare...but, that’s okay. We know you just can’t help it.

Meet the new Model 900D 1.3L at #GIEEXPO. Booths 9136 or 7542D.

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Grasshopper Mowers
Grasshopper Mowers
Grasshopper Mowers12 hours ago
A few photos from the Poverty Bay Agricultural & Pastoral show in Gisborne, New Zealand.

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