Exmark Turf Tracer S-Series

A Turf Tracer is a full-blown commercial machine. It is an extremely common Professional Landscaper preferred choice. Turf Tracers are economical and are very well built for longevity. They come with a strong decks and hydro-drive systems. The operator controls are easy to use, sturdy, but comfortable. Deck options are 36”, 48”, and 52”.

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When you choose an Exmark Turf Tracer S-Series, you can choose from four rugged engines. Options include Kawasaki and Kohler. There is the eco-friendly, Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI), propane Kohler® PCV680. However, the most common engine is the Kawasaki FS481V which is made for performance. For instance, Landscapers trust it to run all day long. The engine will match the needed power to cutting decks in 36-, 48-, and 52-inch widths. Every Turf Tracer comes with our patented Enhanced Control System (ECS) for ultimate operator comfort. The ECS translates to day-long operator productivity because its ease reduces fatigue. Above all, high-quality parts keep you on the job. In conclusion, Professionals are able to work longer in turn, making more money.

Ground speeds rise to 6.2 mph forward however only 2.2 mph in reverse. It goes slow in reverse only for safety reasons. The hydro-drive system is surprisingly smooth-natured. Exmark’s exclusive Enhanced Control System (ECS) is featured on each Turf Tracer. Electric start and recoil start are both options. Electric-start is standard on FS600V engines and PCV650 Kohler Propane. Standard front caster tires are 9 x 3.5-4 smooth tread, semi-pneumatic however pneumatic tires are available. A large-capacity electromagnetic PTO clutch delivers maximum life and durability. In addition, molded discharge chutes are standard which can be lifted up to make room for getting through gates and onto trailers.

Accessories and Attachments Include:

3-Bushel Bagger (36” requires adapter)

3-Bushel Bagger Adapter

Anti-Scalp Roller Kit (52”)

Equipment Cover – Large

Micro-Mulch System (36”, 48”, 52”)

Operator Controlled Discharge (Hand) 36” requires an adapter

StandOn (Sulky)

Turf Striping Kit (36”, 48”, 52”)

Walk-Behind Weight Kit