STIHL BioPlus™ Bar and Chain Oil

This environmentally conscious bar and chain oil delivers high performance that is highly biodegradable.

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STIHL BioPlus™ bar and chain oil is made with a vegetable oil base. This means that the oil is less harmful to humans, animals, micro-organisms, and plants.
The oil also offers excellent flow characteristics at low temperatures and has a high flashpoint. Available in 1 qt., 1 gal., 5 gal., and 55 gal. containers. Rated by the Coordinating European Council to be 93.8% biodegradable in only 21 days.

Unopened container shelf life: 4 years in originally sealed containers.

Container already opened shelf life: up to 4 years if stored in a firmly closed container, in a dark and dry location, at cool (up to 25°C/77°F) constant temperatures.