Exmark Commercial 30 X-Series

Exmark Commercial 30 mower is deceptively light and easy to maneuver.


We commonly have these Commercial 30 X-Series models in stock:

  • ECX180CKA30000
  • ECX200CKC30000

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Don’t let its size fool you. Our Commercial 30 mower is deceptively light and easy to maneuver. In fact, it feels and handles much like its Commercial 21 counterparts. The major difference: its 30-inch cut delivers up to a 40% increase in cutting efficiency compared to a standard 21-inch mower without wearing out the machine or its operator. Equipped with Kohler® CV200 Command Pro engine and heavy-duty transmission for increased performance and durability. Increase productivity with ground speeds up to 3.8 mph and a large-capacity 2.5-bushel bagger.

Commercial 30 X-Series Features

Upgraded Transmission

The heavy-duty wet clutch transmission and self-tensioning belt drive are designed for minimum maintenance and maximum reliability in the most demanding commercial applications. The Commercial 30 X-Series also includes a parking brake.

Increased Power

The Commercial 30 X-Series is equipped with Kohler’s premier single-cylinder commercial engine – the Command Pro CV200.The increased displacement of the powerful Kohler engine gives it 30-percent more torque than competing engines to quickly power through the toughest, thickest grass.

Increased Wheel Torque

The upgraded heavy-duty transmission takes advantage of the Kohler engine’s additional power. It delivers increased wheel torque to power up hills, with easier tracking on sidehills. The positive drive design couples both drive wheels for maximum traction in all conditions.

Accessories and Attachment

Mulch Kit

The aerodynamically designed deck, baffles, and blades create airflow patterns that circulate leaves and grass for repeated cuttings and dispersal deep into the turf.
The bolt-in mulching baffles in addition to the mulch plug, redirect the clippings within the cutting chambers so that it results in improved mulching efficiency and much more even distribution of mulched clippings or leaves across the width of cut.
The mulch kit can be used with the bagger and results in a portion of the clippings being mulched and a portion being bagged resulting in a significant reduction in the amount of bagged clippings (fill reduction).