» » Ryan Lawnaire V Aerator with EST – Easy Steer Technology

Ryan Lawnaire V Aerator with EST – Easy Steer Technology

These aerators are ideal for lawn care operators who know that time means money, and for rental houses that want to offer their customers the best lawn care equipment in the market.

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This drum-style, self-propelled, high-speed precision commercial turf aerator combines performance, durability, and ease of use. Commercial grade components like a solid steel axle and austemper-hardened steel coring tines ensure years of reliable performance in even the most rigorous environments. User-friendly features like the easy-to-operate, handle-mounted throttle and vibration-reducing grips make operation easy and comfortable. Thirty tines spread over a 19-inch swath offer a productive aeration rate of 29,000 square feet per hour. Convenient transportation features such as a fold-down handle and removable weights for easier lifting cap off the long list of efficiency-building features you’ll find in this versatile machine.

Now with EST – Easy Steer Technology.

The newly redesigned tine assembly allows the user to steer the unit without taking the tines out of the ground. This is accomplished by designing each tine assembly to independently rotate yet be able to drive. This translates into higher productivity and less physical stress on the operator because it is easier to use.


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